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Welcome to Bird Postal, your invitations and ecard specialist.

Bird Postal allows you to celebrate the happiest times in life, wherever they are. In a world where digital communication is becoming increasingly important, choosing an e-card for your special events is not only practical. It's also a warm and personal gesture.

Discover how our intuitive solution makes it easy to create and personalise invitations and cards for every occasion. From birthdays and weddings to the Christmas season. Our illustrations offer the perfect combination of style, simplicity and personalisation. Your messages will truly capture the attention and emotion of your recipients.

Discover the birthday e-card

Celebrating a birthday is always a joyous occasion. Our virtual birthday cards make these celebrations even more special. Choose from our selection of beautiful designs and personalise your message to create a memorable surprise.

Our cards combine stylish animations, music options and personalised messages to make every birthday an unforgettable celebration. They are an ideal solution for expressing your feelings, even from a distance. You can be sure that your birthday message will be delivered with affection and originality.

Your free virtual birthday card with Bird Postal

Take advantage of our exclusive offer of free virtual birthday cards today. With Bird Postal, personalising and sending your card takes just a few clicks and requires no payment (for fewer than five recipients).

Add your photos, choose background music and write a heartfelt message, all without spending a penny. It's a fantastic way to show that you're thinking of someone, without having to worry about costs or delivery times.

Christmas and New year: opt for a digital greetings card

The festive season is the perfect time to send warm greetings to friends and family.

Our digital greetings cards are an eco-friendly and creative way to convey your feelings, while adding a personal touch to each message. They allow you to spread festive cheer instantly and stay close to your loved ones, even when you can't be physically present.

Why choose to send an electronic greetings card

Electronic greetings cards are not only practical but also environmentally friendly. Avoid paper and postage costs while ensuring your message arrives on time and touches the heart of its recipient. They're perfect for those looking to modernise their festive traditions while remaining eco-friendly.

Send a digital greetings card as a professional

For businesses, a virtual greetings card represents an opportunity to strengthen relationships with customers and partners.

Personalise your Crhistmas greetings with your logo and the colours of your choice for maximum impact. It's a professional approach that demonstrates your commitment to innovation and attention to detail. If you need help, the Bird Postal team is on hand to guide you through the process of personalising your card.

Wishing Merry Christmas by email with an e-card

For individuals, our digital cards offer an original and intimate way to share the festivities. Select from our festive designs or create your own to make this end of year special. With options like adding photos and personal messages, each e-card becomes a unique and precious gift.

The online wedding invitation

Invite your nearest and dearest to celebrate the happiest day of your life in style with our online wedding invitations. Elegant and fully customisable, our digital invitations are perfect for announcing your union. Thanks to virtual caret, you'll invite your guests in a modern, eco-friendly and practical way.

The virtual Evening invitation

Announce your wedding with an eye-catching virtual Evening invitation. Choose from our many illustrations or give free rein to your creativity to create a design that perfectly reflects your style and your love story. Our platform allows you to integrate elements such as music and photos, offering a truly personal and engaging experience.

The digital save the date for my wedding

Make sure your guests book your wedding date with a digital save the date. Easy to send and receive, it's the first step towards a successful and memorable celebration. Our digital save the dates can be personalised to match your wedding theme. This ensures aesthetic consistency with all your wedding communications.

You can send them via SMS and WhatsApp. Our free RSVP service also makes your life easier. With Bird Postal, it's easy to create your personalised e-card for every event. Use our free animated e-card artwork and templates or create your own for any occasion. From the colour of your envelope to the personalisation of your stamp: it's all possible! Our online tracking, RSVP and location and contact management services will make your life easier! Manage and celebrate the happiest times in life like never before.